Monday, July 21, 2008

What do librarians do all summer?

I’m sure the answer most people would give is “read.” Well, that would be nice, but it’s not even close to the truth!

It’s been an extremely busy summer. The reference staff is working on Counseling 150 classes for the fall. They’ve reviewed all the assignments to see how well students performed in the fall and spring semesters last year and to see what topics need to be reinforced. With the help of Jim Benner and Kathy Kapcsos, they’ve reviewed the rubrics of the course to ensure that assignments match student outcomes -- no mean feat.

Another project came about at the request of Associate Professor Sharon Lee-Bond, who teaches biology on campus, as well as online. She wanted her online students to get the same library experience as her on-campus students. The library staff is currently creating some library video clips to help students with research anywhere, anytime. But first, they had to learn how to use Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder and Presentation Software™. Check out our videos this fall.

The technical services area is stacked with new books that have come in, all of which need to be processed and cataloged. Faculty requests are being ordered for the fall semester. It’s also the time of year periodical subscriptions and many of the database contracts are renewed. The library collection is being inventoried to see what is missing and what needs to be replaced. This means every book, DVD and CD is removed from the shelf and the barcode scanned.

We are keeping busy. So… what did you read this summer?? Click on "Comments" and leave us some information on your favorite summer book!

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