Friday, August 29, 2008

Library Question & Answer of the Day

How do I check out Library materials?

  • Students first need an NCC ID card, which is issued out of the Student Affairs offices on both campuses (for Bethlehem, the SA office is in College Center 200, located off of the Laub Lounge). The NCC Spartan Card works as your library card, as an access card for certain labs and the dorms (if you live there), and as a flex spending account in the bookstore, cafeteria and select vending machines. Don't forget that it'll entitle you to a student discount at some movie theaters, restaurants, and stores!
  • After you have your NCC Spartan ID card, come up to the Circulation Desk and check out your library materials. Books are checked out for three weeks, while movies and periodicals only go out for one week.

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