Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Printing PowerPoint Slides From Blackboard

If your instructor posts PowerPoint slides on Blackboard, the best way to print them for use as class notes is to save first, then print. Follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to Blackboard and locate the PowerPoint slides you wish to print.

  2. Click once on the title of the PowerPoint presentation. You will be asked if you want to OPEN or SAVE. Choose “Save.”

  3. When the next window opens, pull down the menu labeled “Save In” and select “Desktop” from the list of computer locations. Click “Save.”

  4. When you see the message “Download Complete,” click on the button labeled “Open.” This will launch the PowerPoint program.

  5. If you are using Microsoft 2007, click the Office icon (looks like a flower) in the upper left corner of your screen, then select “Print” twice. If you are using Microsoft 2003, click on the “File” menu and select “Print.”

  6. A window will open that contains options for printing. In the lower left corner of this window, find the menu labeled “Print What.” Change the selection from “Slides” to “Handouts.”

  7. To the right of this menu, under the heading “Handouts,” select the number of slides to print on each page. Although you can choose up to six slides per page, this will result in very small text. Printing three or four slides on each page usually works best.

  8. Library printing is limited to 10 pages at a time, so if you have a large number of slides, you will need to print the pages in batches. To figure out how many slides you can print in one batch, take the number of slides you want on each page and multiply it by 10, which will show how many slides you will be able to print in ten pages. If you have three slides on a page, 3 x 10 = 30. So, if you have 45 slides, and print three slides on each page, you will first need to print slides # 1-30, then slides # 31-45. To select the batch of slides to print, go to the section of the print window labeled “Print Range.” Click the round button next to “Slides,” then type in the slide numbers (example: 1-30) in the white box.

  9. If the slides have a black or dark-colored background, they will be difficult to read and will use a lot of ink when printing. To avoid this, print in grayscale, which will give you a white background with black text. In the “Print What” section of the Print window, choose “Grayscale” from the drop-down menu located under “Color/Grayscale.”

  10. Click OK to finish printing.

  11. Note: If your instructor has included "speaker's notes" under each PowerPoint slide, and you wish to include these notes when you print, you must select the format "Notes Pages" in Step 8, above. Choosing this format allows you to print only one slide per page.

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Anne Bittner said...

These instructions are especially useful for students in the Allied Health programs, who have many PowerPoint presentations associated with their assignments in Blackboard.