Friday, October 24, 2008

This Day in History

"Go medieval" and remember Geoffrey Chaucer a day before the anniversary of his death, October 25, 1400. Chaucer is another celebrated British author who is often studied in NCC's British Literature course. Chaucer's best known work, The Canterbury Tales, features humorous stories told by characters like The Knight, The Friar and The Wife of Bath (that's Bath, England -- not Bath, Pa.!), who tell listeners about their lives and work as they travel together on a religious pilgrimage. The image of the Wife of Bath you see here was taken from a 15th century woodcut.

The NCC Libraries have many resources that discuss Chaucer's life and work, including:

The Cambridge Companion to Chaucer
by Piero Boitani
PR 1924 .C28 2003 Stacks

by Peter Ackroyd
PR 1905 .A25 2005 Stacks and Monroe

Chaucer and His Readers: Imagining the Author in Late-Medieval England

by Seth Lerer
PR 1924 .L38 1993 Stacks

Geoffrey Chaucer
by Harold Bloom
PR 1874 .G45 1999 Stacks

Readings on “The Canterbury Tales”
by Don Nardo
PR 1874 .R43 1997 Stacks and Monroe

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