Thursday, December 4, 2008

Meet Your Library Staff: Interlibrary Loan Department

Name and title: Mary Kae Mayock, Secretary for Library Services and Interlibrary Loan Manager

Past work experience
: Various part-time jobs; worked at NCC's Work/Life Center for three years before transferring to the Library in 2007.

:Tommy and daughter-in-law Brittany; Donny

: Used to have a miniature schnauzer named Kaiser.

Other places I've lived
: Raised in northeast Pennsylvania, near Wikes Barre; while I was an Army wife, we lived in Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma.

Fun fact about myself: My legal name is Mary Catherine.

What I'm reading now
: Sundays at Tiffanys by James Patterson

Favorite author
: I read a lot of different authors -- I don't have a favorite.

What I like most about working at the NCC Libraries
: Working with nice people; access to recently published books, especially those in the McNaughton collection.

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