Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This Day in History

If you're a fan of the movie Apocalypse Now, you may not be aware that this classic film was inspired by an even more well-known novella (short novel). Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness is a famous work that was inspired by the author's real-life nautical experiences. Celebrate the anniversary of Conrad's birth today by picking up some materials at the NCC Libraries!

Works by Joseph Conrad:

Heart of Darkness and Other Tales
PR 6005 .O4 A6 2002 Stacks

Almayer's Folly
PR 6005 .O4 A7 Stacks

Chance: A Tale in Two Parts
PR 6005 .O4 C49 Stacks

Great Short Works of Joseph Conrad
PR 6005 .O4 A16 1967 Stacks

Lord Jim: A Tale
PR 6005 .O4 L6 Stacks

Critical and biographical materials about Joseph Conrad:

The Oxford Reader's Companion to Conrad
by Owen Knowles
PR 6005 .O4 Z459 2000 Stacks

Readings on Heart of Darkness
by Clarice Swisher
PR 6005 .O4 H4779 1999 Stacks, Main and Monroe

Readings on Joseph Conrad
by Clarice Swisher
PR 6005 .O4 Z78656 1998 Stacks, Main and Monroe

Marlow (from the Major Literary Characters series)
by Harold Bloom
PR 6005 .O4 L737 1992 Stacks

Joseph Conrad: A Biography
by Jeffrey Meyers
PR 6005 .O4 Z778 1991 Stacks

Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness
by Harold Bloom
PR 6005 .O4 H477 1987 Stacks

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