Friday, December 19, 2008

Why Did I Buy That?

Over the next few days, many of us will spend a lot of time standing in store lines -- or clicking to buy online. How will we decide what to purchase? Retailers have the psychology of shopping down to a science, and employ many tricks of the trade to encourage us to spend more money than we planned. For example, supermarkets locate the expensive breakfast cereals at just the right height for children in shopping carts to see them -- and beg their parents to buy -- while the cheaper generic products are on the lowest shelf where you are less likely to look.

If you want to “beat the system,” you need to find out what stores know about how our minds work, and the methods they use to appeal to our desire to shop. Check out one of these titles from the NCC Libraries for the inside scoop!

The Call of the Mall: A Walking Tour Through the Crossroads of Our Shopping Culture
by Paco Underhill
HF 5430.3 .U53 2004 Stacks

Hollywood on Hamilton: Remembering Hess’s
produced by Lehigh Valley PBS
HF 5465 .U54 H64 2002 (DVD) Media Tower [click here to view on YouTube]

One Nation Under Goods: Malls and the Seductions of American Shopping
by James Farrell
HF 5430.3 .F37 2003 Stacks, Main and Monroe

Point of Purchase: How Shopping Changed American Culture
by Sharon Zukin
HC 110 .C6 Z85 2004 Stacks

Shopping as an Entertainment Experience
by Mark Moss
HF 5461 .M67 2007 Stacks

Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping
by Paco Underhill
HF 5415.2 .U53 2000 Stacks, Main and Monroe

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see that our library has so many interesting books on the "mall phenomenon," since this is one of the most frequently discussed topics in our English One classes (there's an extensive collections of essays in our text, Writing and Reading across the Curriculum, Behrens & Rosen). And thanks to all of the NCC Library staff for the incredible job your doing on this blog.