Friday, December 12, 2008

Why We Love the Book Discussion Group

The Spring 2009 reading list for the NCC Libraries' Book Discussion Group has been announced! If you've never belonged to a book club, there are plenty of great reasons to join. Check out these testimonials from NCC faculty and staff members who have participated in our lively discussions!

"I enjoy the group because it encourages me to read books I might not otherwise have read, and I enjoy the exchange of ideas and perspectives from other participants." -- Barbara Love, Reading/Writing Coordinator, Learning Center

"I particularly like the book discussion group because Olga [Conneen, Library Director] does such a nice job. She covers the basics -- plot, characters, setting, voice, strengths, weaknesses -- in a manner that I find refreshing. She obviously spends a lot of time thinking about the book and the questions that she wants to pose. It's a very well-run group."
-- Dr. Jill Hirt, Director of Planning & Institutional Research

"I like talking about literature without having to put grades onto one, eventually, has to in the role of English teacher. It's a pleasure to talk with people who read because they want to." -- Dr. Jim Benner, Director, Center for Teaching & Learning and Academic Assessment

"I have belonged to book discussion groups for many years in many places. I wasn't in one here in the Lehigh Valley, so I joined the NCC Book Discussion Group the minute I heard about it! Belonging to a book discussion group expands your reading list. I read so many books that I know I would never pick up by myself. Some of them I like, others I don't. But each of them adds something to my perspective on the world. Belonging to a book discussion group expands your understanding of other faculty, staff and students. It's so much fun to share opinions with the NCC family, as well as community members. We read all kinds of books. I bet there's something on our list that you'd like to read -- so why not join us?" -- Mary T. Zegarski, Associate Professor, Computer Science

Not only will you interact with other NCC faculty and students, but you will expand your horizons by reading interesting books. Give the NCC Libraries' Book Discussion Group a try and meet with us every 4th Tuesday of the month at 11:30 a.m., in the Main Campus Library!

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