Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Did You Know?": Health Insurance

Continuing the theme of this week's student debate, today's edition of "Did You Know?" is all about the health care industry.

  • The first health insurance company was the Massachusetts Health Insurance Company in Boston, which was organized in 1847.

  • The first group covered by a hospital insurance plan was public school teachers in Texas, who were insured by Baylor University Hospital.

  • The Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans were established in 1939.

  • The International Ladies Garment Workers Union entered the first health insurance clause into a labor contract in 1941. Around 10,000 workers were covered.

  • The first state health insurance law was instituted in Rhode Island in 1942.

  • The first state that required, by law, that all of its citizens have universal health insurance was Massachusetts, starting in 2006. All employers with ten or more workers are required to offer health insurance, or to contribute to a state fund that would cover low-cost policies through private insurers.

Kane, Joseph Nathan, Steven Anzovin and Janet Podell. Famous First Facts. New York: The H.W. Wilson Company, 2006. Pg. 91. This book is located in the Mack Library's reference section at call number AG 5 .K315 2006.

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