Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting Graphic @ the NCC Libraries

If you're not the type to sit down and read an entire novel, why not try a graphic novel? Although similar to comic books -- they are comprised of picture panels and text -- graphic novels are longer and may contain non-fiction topics. While several of the graphic novels at the NCC Libraries are complete fantasy, like the Superman story Kingdom Come, the titles listed below use the comic book style to relate real historical or biographical information.

For example, Two-Fisted Science discusses the lives of many different scientists, including Galileo and Isaac Newton.

Q 151 .T86 2001 (New Books section)

Suspended in Language
is a biography of Neils Bohr, the "father of quantum mechanics."

QC 16 .B63 O78 2004 (New Books section)

Malcolm X: A Graphic Biography
covers the life of the African American civil rights activist.

BP 223 .Z8 L5745 2006 (Stacks, Main and Monroe)

discusses the work of J. Robert Oppenheimer and his contributions to the development of the atomic bomb.

QC 773.3 .U5 O78 2001 (Stacks)

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