Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This Day in History: Thomas Edison

Imagine a world where cell phones didn't exist. Or digital cameras. Or energy-saving lightbulbs. What would you do?

Today, give thanks to Thomas Edison on the anniversary of his birth (1847) for paving the way for our modern technologies. Edison is one of the most well-known inventors in history, owning the patent rights to over 1,000 inventions! Devices like the telegraph, telephone transmitter, phonograph, incandescent light and motion picture camera were all created by Edison. He also established America's first movie studio, where silent films such as The Great Train Robbery were produced.

To learn more about Edison, visit his West Orange, N.J. laboratory, which has been preserved as a museum by the National Park Service. Before you go, read up on Edison's life -- and his numerous contributions to the world -- with these materials from the NCC Libraries:

Edison and the Electric Chair: A Story of Light and Death
by Mark Regan Essig
HV 8696 .E87 2003 Stacks, Main

Edison, His Life and Inventions (Vol. 2)
by Frank Lewis Dyer
E-Book (Online)

Thomas Alva Edison, an American Myth
by Wyn Wachhorst
TK 140 .E3 W3 Stacks, Main

A Streak of Luck
by Robert E. Conot
TK 140 .E3 C56 1979 Stacks, Main

The Diary and Sundry Observations of Thomas Alva Edison
by Thomas A. Edison
TK 140 .E3 A3 Stacks, Main

Light for the World: Edison and the Power Industry
by Robert Silverberg
TK 140 .E3 S48 Stacks, Main

Edison: A Biography
by Matthew Josephson
TK 140 .E3 J75 Stacks, Main

Young Thomas Edison
by Michael Dooling
TK 140 .E3 D77 2005 Children's Collection, Easy Readers

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