Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Neil Simon, Live at NCC!

Starting Thursday, April 24, don't miss the NCC Theatre students' production of Neil Simon's comedy Rumors. A brief synopsis from the college web site:

Rumors runs wild with a cast of upper-class New Yorkers gathering for a presumably respectable dinner party. But when the visitors arrive, the hostess is gone, the cook is missing, and the host has shot himself through the earlobe! Is this the remnants of a marital affair and an attempted suicide? What else could it be? As ever-elaborate concealments and confusions mount, mayhem spins into a comedic display of suspicion and obsession. Someone call the police!

If you're interested in studying this play or Simon's other works, or you're preparing for an audition and need to find a monologue, drop by the NCC Libraries for these resources. Additional background information on the dramatist and productions of his many plays, including cast lists, is available from the North American Theatre Online database.

Works by Neil Simon:

Neil Simon Scenes: Scenes From the Works of America's Foremost Playwright
PS 3537 .I663 A6 2000 New Books

The Collected Plays of Neil Simon, Volume IV
(includes Rumors and London Suite)
PS 3537 .I663 1998 New Books

The Collected Plays of Neil Simon, Volume II (includes Chapter Two)
PS 3537 .I663 A6 1979 Stacks

The Comedy of Neil Simon (includes The Odd Couple and Barefoot in the Park)
PS 3537 .I663 A6 1971 Stacks

Critical analysis of Neil Simon's plays:

Neil Simon: A Casebook

by Gary Konas
PS 3537 .I663 Z79 1997 New Books

Not-So-Simple Neil Simon: A Critical Study

by Edythe M. McGovern
PS 3537 .I663 Z78 1978 Stacks

Photo credit: The Neil Simon Theatre, New York.

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