Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary, SpartaBlog!

With close to 200 posts, SpartaBlog! celebrates its one-year anniversary today!

The NCC Libraries' blog was started with the mission of providing NCC students, faculty and staff with information about Library news, programs, services and displays. New Library resources, such as books and databases, are also regularly introduced on SpartaBlog! We also enjoy featuring campus events, such as theater productions or the Study Skills Marathon, that can be connected back to Library resources. We've even showcased winners of library raffles and conducted a survey to make our leisure reading collection more enjoyable to our users.

Using a blog format gives the Library staff a fast, easy way to connect with others -- on campus and beyond. You can view SpartaBlog! by clicking on the link at the Library's website or by typing our URL address into your Internet browser bar. The blog is updated three times a week, or more often if there are exciting events or new resources to report.

We hope you find SpartaBlog! informative, helpful and entertaining. If you have suggestions for blog entries, or have an unanswered question about the Library whose answer would benefit others, please feel free to write us via the Ask the NCC Librarian form. Make sure you mention "SpartaBlog!" in the e-mail.

We invite you to continue reading SpartaBlog! when we resume publishing in the fall semester. Have a fantastic, safe summer!

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