Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome Back!

The staff of the NCC Libraries would like to welcome all new and returning students! We wish you a very successful semester and want to remind you that we're here to help with any of your research needs.

Here are a few tips and helpful hints about using the Library:

1) For current Library hours, check our Web site or look on the right side of this blog.

2) We have many computers for student use, but during busy times (mostly midterms and finals), remember that Library computers are to be used primarily for academic purposes. Feel free to check your MySpace or Facebook pages, but if all computers are filled and another student needs to write a paper, you may be asked to give up your seat if you're just surfing the Web.

3) Always bring a flash drive to save your work!

4) Always restart Library computers after you're finished using them, to ensure that any private information is removed.

5) Please, no talking on cell phones in the Libraries. You should keep your cell phone set on silent or vibrate, and take any calls outside -- in the lobby, near the stairs and elevator if on Main Campus, or in the hallway at Monroe Campus.

6) All of the Library printers default to printing on both sides of the paper. (This can be changed manually if your professor requires only one-sided printing.)

7) You can only print up to 10 pages at one time, and only one copy of a document at a time. If you need help printing a longer document, please see a librarian.

Abiding by these guidelines helps to prevent noise pollution and paper waste. Thank you for your consideration, and best wishes for a great school year!

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