Friday, December 4, 2009

This Day In History: The Electric Car

Today marks the anniversary of a technological and environmental milestone. In 1996, General Motors (GM) released the first mass-produced electric automobile, called the EV1 (picture on left). Other automobile companies quickly announced plans to produce similar vehicles. Electric cars and hybrid vehicles are now quite common, thanks to GM paving the way.

If you're interested in learning more about electric cars, check out these resources available at the NCC Libraries:

Clean Car Wars: How Honda and Toyota Are Winning the Battle of the Eco-friendly Autos

by Yozo Hasegawa
TL 146.5 .J34 2008 Stacks

Who Killed the Electric Car? [DVD]
written and directed by Chris Paine

TL 220 .W46 2006 Media Tower

Electric and Hybrid Cars: A History

by Curtis D. Anderson
TL 220 .A53 2005 Stacks

The Car and Its Future

by Kaitlen Jay Exum
TL 146.5 .C37 2004 Stacks

Forward Drive: The Race to Build "Clean" Cars for the Future

by Jim Motavalli
TL 221.15 .M68 2000 Stacks

For articles about this topic, be sure to search databases like
ProQuest, EBSCOhost and Opposing Viewpoints!

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