Friday, February 19, 2010

This Day In History: Friedan's Book Sparks Women's Liberation Movement

Today is the anniversary of the release of Betty Friedan's groundbreaking book The Feminine Mystique. This controversial book was published in 1963, a time when most women stayed at home to care for family and house. The Feminine Mystique discussed how women were unhappy with their limited options and helped incite the "second-wave" feminist movement. Friedan was also a co-founder of the National Organization of Women (NOW), which is still active in working for gender equality.

If you're taking a class in the Women's Studies concentration or just doing some research on the feminist movement, be sure out check out the NCC Libraries' research guide on women's and gender studies.

For other NCC Library resources on Friedan's life and work, check these out:

The Essential Feminist Reader
by Estelle B. Freedman
HQ 1154 .E77 2007 Stacks, Main

The World Split Open: How the Modern Women's Movement Changed America
by Ruth Rosen
HQ 1421 .R68 2006 Stacks, Main

Life So Far
by Betty Friedan
HQ 1413 .F75 A3 2000 Stacks, Main

The Women's Liberation Movement in America
by Kathleen C. Berkeley
HQ 1421 .B47 1999 Stacks, Main

Moving the Mountain: The Women's Movement in America Since 1960
by Flora Davis
HQ 1421 .D385 1999 Stacks, Main

Faces of Feminism: An Activist's Reflections on the Women's Movement
by Sheila Tobias
HQ 1426 .T64 1997 Stacks, Main

The Fountain of Age
by Betty Friedan
HQ 1064 .U5 F753 1993 Stacks, Main

The Feminine Mystique
by Betty Friedan
HQ 1426 .F844 1983 Stacks, Main

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