Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This Day In History: Nelson Mandela

Tomorrow, we remember Nelson Mandela's long-awaited release from prison. Mandela is a black lawyer-turned-political activist from South Africa. His involvement in the movement to end government-sanctioned racial inequality -- known as Apartheid -- made Mandela a target for those who opposed his efforts. He was put on trial for sabotage and treason, receiving a life sentence in prison. After surviving more than 27 years as a political prisoner, he was released on February 11, 1990. Since then, he has contributed to building a peaceful democracy in South Africa. Mandela eventually served as president of his country and earned a Nobel Peace Prize.

To learn more about Mandela's impressive life, stop at the NCC Libraries for some materials:

A Prisoner in the Garden: The Nelson Mandela Foundation

by Nelson Mandela

DT 1974 .P75 2006 Stacks, Main

Mandela: A Critical Life

by Tom Lodge

DT 1974 .L63 2006 Stacks, Main and Monroe

Literature Suppressed on Political Grounds

by Nicholas J. Karolides

Z 658 .U5 K37 2006 Stacks, Main

In His Own Words

by Nelson Mandela

DT 1974 .M338 2003 Stacks, Main

Long Walk to Freedom with Connections: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

by Nelson Mandela

DT 1949 .M35 A3 2000 Stacks, Main

Mandela: An Illustrated Autobiography

by Nelson Mandela

DT 1974 .A3 1996 Stacks, Main

Nelson Mandela: Determined to Be Free

by Jack L. Roberts

E-BOOK (Online)

Higher Than Hope: The Authorized Biography of Nelson Mandela
by Fatima Meer

DT 1949 .M35 M44 1990 Stacks, Main

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